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KLA Guide for Chemistry

What is Chemistry?


Chemistry is the study of materials and substances, and the transformations they undergo through interactions and the transfer of energy. Chemists can use an understanding of chemical structures and processes to adapt, control and manipulate systems to meet particular economic, environmental and social needs. This includes addressing the global challenges of climate change and security of water, food and energy supplies, and designing processes to maximise the efficient use of Earth’s finite resources. Chemistry develops students' understanding of the key chemical concepts and models of structure, bonding, and chemical change, including the role of chemical, electrical and thermal energy. (ACARA, 2015)

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Science News for Students

Science News for Students publishes award-winning journalism on research across the breadth of science, health and technology fields. 

Free online resources for secondary schools: Chemistry

Links to free resources for secondary school students including websites, databases and ebooks, provided by the UQL Cyberschool

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